See beauty in others.

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Surround yourself with believers. These people believe in you and want you to succeed!

Build Your Self-Esteem

  1. Talk to someone about it. One of the most important things to do is to find someone you trust to talk to about it. ...
  2. Don't feel guilty or take blame. Bullying is never okay. ...
  3. Direct your anger positively. ...
  4. Try something new. ...
  5. Express yourself, let it go, and change your perceptions.

Be a Bucket Filler!

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Love abundantly. Pray often. Live by the Golden Rule.

  1. Seek counseling. "If you think you might be a bully, find a counselor or therapist that can help you uncover why you bully and how you can stop. If you’re being bullied, find a counselor who can help you find the best ways to address the bully while also helping you deal with the negativity and often the long-term impact of being bullied. Even if you have been able to stop bullying or have stopped the bully form bothering you,  you may be dealing with emotional issues as a result of having been bullied or having been a bully. Seeking outside help will help you deal, cope, and eventually overcome these issues."
  2. Love yourself. "Loving yourself is crucial when it comes to overcoming bullying. Loving yourself will prevent you from being a bully. It will help you stand up for yourself if you feel like you’re being bullied. It’ll force you to remove yourself form the negative situations in which you might be bullied. It’ll help you overcome and cope with any bullying you might face or will face. Loving yourself is so important. It’s also the most important and essential aspect of bully prevention. People who love themselves don’t bully and people who love themselves don’t allow themselves to be bullied."
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Positive actions to help yourself through bullying:

1. Tell a family member.

2. Tell a close friend.

3. Seek a counselor.

4. Confront the bully in a safe place. Ask the bully why he/she acts this way toward you?

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