Always be the helper.

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When Girls Bully


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What can we do? Helping Teens and Tweens..



To Intervene or Not to Intervene? The answer is yes.


Strategies for Helping a Child Cope with Bullying


The Tricky Politics of Tween Bullying


“But relational aggression seems to be much more complex and has these differential outcomes depending on who’s using it, how it’s being used and who’s being victimized.”

Bullying Behavior in the Tween Years


It focuses on relational aggression: singling out a specific child.

Find support


Spreading Love


Read this if you suffer at the workplace.



Be a bucket filler!!


How to Spot and How to Deal with Adult Bullies


#1 : Silent Treatment

Bully-proofing Young Girls,8599,2013184,00.html



Tween Bullying

Relational Bullying among other types

Relational Bullying

*starting rumors


*silent treatment


Don't be a scapegoat for anyone.

We must teach our children to be assertive.